What’s Holding You Back From Financial Freedom? Vol 4: Other People’s Opinions

Other People's Opinions: EAFA Success Graphic

Other People's Opinions: EAFA Success Graphic

What’s Holding You Back From Financial Freedom?
Vol 4: Other People’s Opinions

Part 4 in Vicki Arndt’s series exploring the relationship between wealth and beliefs.

This may seem like a weird premise . . . why would other people’s opinions hold me back from making good financial choices?

Whether it’s family, close friends or business associates, other people’s opinions do have an influence on how we view ourselves. If we see our support networks as nurturing and supportive, our success is unlimited. If instead, however, we perceive the people around us as critical, or if our thinking is overall limited or negative, then moving toward a bright future will be more difficult.

“Investing is for the rich.”

“I tried investing once and it didn’t work out.”

“Being in debt isn’t a big deal. That’s how the world works.”

“People like us can never get ahead.”

It takes a lot of courage to leave behind the voices of critical parents and/or those close to us. Those negative tapes play in our head, and they circle around and around all the while holding us back and keeping us locked in. How do we break through that vicious thinking cycle?

It starts with being present and realizing your destiny is in your hands and no one else’s. Leaving behind old patterns of thought which have been embedded since childhood takes some introspection and bravery. The thought of losing another’s approval is often disabling; it holds you in a place you don’t like or want to be. Next, it requires a good look at yourself to see where you excel and where you don’t. None of us are good at everything, but all of us are good at something. So often, we focus on the ways in which we fall short rather than the gifts we bring into the world. It is important – and empowering – to acknowledge and embrace our imperfections. This simple act can open us up to greater possibilities.

How much time do you spend filtering your actions through the “other people’s expectations” sifter? Are other people living your life? Are other people responsible for your professional, personal, and financial fulfillment?

The answer, gladly, is a resounding, “No, they’re not!”

When we allow our actions to be dictated by others, we actually sabotage ourselves. OURSELVES! Why would I want to hurt me?

Over the years, I’ve worked with many clients who have inherited stock positions. Amazingly, even deceased people can have sway over how we view ourselves. It’s fascinating to watch clients progress from leaving everything in an inherited investment portfolio the same, almost as an homage to their deceased loved one – rather than moving forward, making their own empowered decisions. There is no honor in holding an investment that is neither in line with your sensibilities or your goals.

I have also seen this phenomenon with women who are recently divorced. Their husbands were responsible for the investing and these perfectly capable women have little confidence of their own abilities. Over time, with great support and quality advice, clients are able to move forward making decisions that are in line with who they are and what they want.

So it’s time . . . this very day . . . to decide for yourself how to move one step closer to the financial security you desire. No one else will do it for you. It’s your time and your turn to achieve all that is possible. It’s your life. Why not make it the best it can be?

With you at every stage,

Vicki Arndt
Founder & Senior Investment Advisor

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